Managed VPS is a Scalable Solution, But Why Bother With The Headache of Managing it Yourself?

An Amaze Managed VPS Server is the perfect solution.
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End-to-end Managed VPS that puts you in control

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. So nowadays a single server is over 100 times faster then they used to be. 100 times more powerful than what was available when the Internet first arrived. And as a result, hosting single sites, or even multiple sites on one server is often considered overkill.

At Amaze, our Fully Managed VPS product offers a super reliable hosting solution. A solution where everything, including maintenance and support, is taken care of.

So, if your team does not have the system administration knowledge required that’s no problem. We can provide expert advice on how best to set sites up for your clients. And ensure they perform at an optimum level. So, our Managed IT Services could be a great answer!

We have a solution that’s right for you

We can manage everything all the way down to end user support if required. So no matter what your needs are we can cover them for you.

Managed 3GB Managed 4GB Managed 8GB
Monthly exl GST $220.00 $350.00 $500.00
vCPU Cores 2 4 8
RAM (GB) 3 4 8
SSD Storage (GB) 50 100 300
Traffic (GB) 1000 2000 2000
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And we also guarantee

cPanel Hosting

Multi Level Backup

With a full server restoration every hour, it means you’ll never lose any data.

managed hosting

One Dedicated Contact

So you always deal with a person that speaks your language and gets the best outcome for any situation.

cPanel Hosting

Managed cPanel Server

We include the worlds most popular web hosting control panel – cPanel.

Managed VPS

A fully managed VPS solution

We take care of everything for you, including security patches, tuning, monitoring and application support.

Managed cPanel Hosting

Comprehensive site migrations

To ensure we can deliver the best experience to your customers’ websites, we offer unlimited site migrations to your server.

Managed VPS

Around the clock Managed VPS support

Our operations team monitors all servers, and if there are any issues, we’ll sort them quickly and effectively.

Managed VPS

Australian based Managed VPS hosting

All servers are hosted in Australia and are supported by a local workforce that you can depend on.

managed vps

Custom Managed VPS sizing

Our team will tailor a managed VPS hosting solution, which best meets the size and needs of your business.

managed vps

Free bursting

We’ll add extra resources to keep your server running when your site needs it.

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