A VPS (Virtual Private Server)
that grows with your business

An Amaze VPS (Virtual Private Server) can easily be adapted to suit the ever-changing needs of your business.

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Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are the way of the future

In times gone by, you’d have to estimate your computing and storage needs. Sometimes for the next 3 or 4 years! And then pay upfront for a machine to do the job. All whilst hoping it would not break down or have any issues.

Fast forward to today, and you can turn on a VPS in seconds. And for a fraction of the cost with Amaze.

What sort of VPS are you going to choose?

Unmanaged VPS

Self Managed VPS

A self-managed VPS gives you all the resources of VPS at your fingertips. And completely under your own control.

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Managed VPS

Managed VPS

Need a less stressful solution? So, we can fully manage your VPS for you. And you can keep doing what you do best.

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Get a VPS, go virtual and discover the next evolution in business computing.

VPS gives you dynamic resources and storage with round-the-clock support. It’s the easiest way to provide server resources for your business or clients for a low monthly fee.

Change the software, increase your bandwidth, decrease your storage – whatever you need, you can do it with a VPS.

Here are some of the types of companies that VPS is great for:

  • Digital Media Companies

    Digital Media Companies

    In order to solve business problems, a Digital Media Company needs scalable hosting resources.

  • eCommerce Hosting

    eCommerce Sites

    As your eCommerce business grows in following and client base your hosting should grow with you.

  • Hosting Resellers


    Resellers are forever signing new clients up, its a great business model. Choose technology that supports growth.

  • Content Creators

    Content Creators

    As you create more and more content you will need more and more space and computing resources.

The Best Virtual Solutions For Your Future

This is a popular path for web companies or digital agencies. There is always money to be made by managing your clients hosting as one of the value-added services you offer. However, there are lots of different paths to travel down in regards to how you host your clients. All that matters to your clients is Quality of Service and the quality of YOUR service.

Bigger Profit and Even Bigger Admin

Getting your own virtual server is a great idea for the ultimate growth and scalability. However, you need to be ready to either manage your own server (quite a technical and sometimes painful job to do) or have us manage it for you. Self-management requires constant learning and knowledge updates. You need to watch the security of your server, ensure the updates are kept up to date and even make sure you have the correct versions of PHP, MYSQL and other services running.

A Smarter Way

There is a smarter way. Our Managed Solutions help you liberate your time, de-geek yourself and allow us to use our inhouse systems to ensure your server is kept up to date and running smoothly. Sure, you still do the client support, however, with our level 2 support backing you up there is nothing you cant handle.

The Money Is In The Customer Service!

Our business, just like any, relies on your need for quality customer service. Sure you can find it cheaper elsewhere – there is always a dirt-cheap alternative. However, with hosting, you will end up looking just like your hosting supplier. If you use cheap you end up looking cheap. So our aim is to give you the best possible support without overcharging you for it. With Amaze you can look forward to great support from an Aussie company who cares about Aussie businesses.

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