Server Management is where we look after your servers for you.

Having our expert team look after your server management or server monitoring means you can get on with business. And this will free you up to work on your business growth more than in your business.

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Servers are complex but outsourcing the server management is easy

Trying to handle server maintenance, constant support and server monitoring in-house can be costly and take up valuable time. And you’ve got customers to look after right?! So, why keep doing it when you can have an expert team do it for you?

By outsourcing your server management you can be free of the extra workload! And also free of the worry of keeping things running 24/7. That’s the power of our Managed IT Services!

So, we have a qualified team of engineers and technical specialists are across every major platform. And they know every application and best practice. Our team is a mix of the biggest geeks in Sydney we could find.

Therefore, you can hand us the server management stress and let our team work their magic for you.

Server Management has so many benefits

In the world of business, you can’t be an expert in every part of our business. So, it pays to have the right team supporting your vision for the future. And, a team who knows what it takes to support your growth from the start-up phase through to your exit.

We can boast one large achievement, we have done it before. And we’ve supported clients from startup, business growth, investor onboarding, acquisitional growth and even through to a nice exit. So, it’s exciting watching success and knowing we have been there supporting it for the whole journey!

Direct to Engineer – you’ll always get expert advice.

Proactive Maintenance – consistent Security Patching and Backups.

Configuration management – for greatly increased uptime.

Network Security – Security is at the forefront of everything we do .

DevOPS Automation – we work with your Developers to deliver on their projects.

Cloud Deployment & Operations – Design / Deploy / Monitor / Optimise with ease.

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