Our Servers have all the hosting power you will ever need.

Our Australian Servers are designed to cover all business IT needs, large or small.

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Keep your Data safe on our Servers.

Speed is useless without security and regular data-centre backups. Our servers are made to give you access to the latest in tech. And with multiple layers of protection against hackers too. So, your data stays yours and yours alone. And, whether it’s Shared or Dedicated, we’ll ensure data safety. This all fits in with our Managed IT Services Model.

We ensure that every machine (or virtual machine) we provide or host is using resources the right way. And delivering what your business needs. We also know that a server has no purpose without its data, so we keep backups to a maximum. Data on a server is like gold in a safe. So, we also need to ensure that we keep your data locked away from the world. Hackers are the modern-day thieves of the business world. So, let us ensure you have a top-notch security escort to keep you safe.

Dedicated Servers


Dedicated means exactly that, computing power that is dedicated to you and you alone. And you can choose from our list of carefully designed solutions. Or, you can do the research and contact us if you have a special requirement.

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Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers

Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) give you access to fully scalable virtual machines on a fast, secure yet still shared machine. Our platform gives you everything your business needs in one easy to set up service. We make it easy and scalable.

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Managed Servers


Need help with management? Our team are awesome at keeping multiple machines running seamlessly. So, get our help today and take your stress away. We have carefully planned business systems that ensure a high quality of service for all of our clients.

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If your applications are important, then private storage is a must.

Growing businesses need access to faster applications, limitless storage and the processing power to make it all happen. And all are very easy to get with Amaze Managed IT Services. However, we take it one step further with our fully optioned private servers. Amaze gives you as much power as you need and exactly when you need it. We also offer the support you need for easy stress-free operation, you may forget you ever had problems. So, you can expect fast reliable services with Amazing supporting you around the clock.

Amazing Business Support

The people behind Amaze have been on the hosting scene about as long as its been a thing. And, as a result, they know what business owners want as well as what businesses need. You can be sure that a company doesn’t stay in operation as long as they have by giving bad service. In fact, the team prides itself on ensuring the best customer service in the industry.

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