We put all of your IT infrastructure into the cloud


Buying expensive desktop computers every few years and needing IT staff to manage them is ‘so 1999’.

Whether you’re a small business that needs a better way to scale up or you’re a larger one facing enormous hardware & software refresh costs, it’s time to switch to virtual with Amaze.

Our highly-robust cloud infrastructure allows you to run your entire office from a safe, secure environment that you can access anywhere, anytime. And all for an affordable monthly fee.

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It’s the smart way to do I.T.

It doesn’t matter if you have 5 staff or 200, Amaze Virtual Workspaces gives everyone on your team their own virtual computer to work from. Instead of everyone requiring a powerful desktop PC with storage, they can simply access their virtual workspace instead - pre-installed with the latest office software (Microsoft® Word, Excel, Outlook and more), all maintained and ready to go.

  • No more capital outlays
  • No more needing onsite IT people
  • No more security concerns - we keep your virtual environment completely secure for you
  • Grow as you need to, when you need to
  • You can even bundle your internet and phone system with us and save even more

Run your entire business on low-cost computers and an internet connection


One of the biggest benefits to Virtual Workspaces is cost. Thanks to broadband internet and our powerful cloud servers, you can run simple, low-cost computers at your office. And all your software and file storage instead runs in our data centres for safe, fast access.

For many clients, this represents an overall IT cost saving of 40% or more per year. How much more of a reason do you need to consider at a Virtual Workspace for your business?

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More secure and reliable than doing it yourself


With the constant threat of everything from viruses and hackers to office break-ins or fire, protecting and maintaining your own IT infrastructure can be stressful. Not with Amaze. In 20 years of operations, we’ve never had a security breach nor lost any customer data. With backups provided daily to 3 different locations, enterprise-grade firewalls and regularly updated software patches, an Amaze Virtual Workspace is the ‘turn-key’ IT service you’re looking for.

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Implementation is easy too

Switching to virtual is simple with Amaze. Your staff only need a quick introduction (that can be done in just 5 minutes) and we’ll migrate your entire system over a weekend, so you don’t face any workday disruption.

Here’s what a typical Virtual Workspace rollout looks like:


We consult with you about how your business operates, your team’s requirements and where you’d like to take the business to as you grow


We’ll create a custom solution that gives you everything you need in the cloud, with the ability to add resources or more virtual computers in minutes


We get the entire environment all set up and ready to go before you migrate over - and even then, we’ll do it all for you on a weekend that suits you


You and your team login like you normally would and start enjoying the speed and versatility of a Virtual Workspace

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All backed by 24/7 expert technical support

We know how frustrating it can be when you need help but no-one answers your calls. At Amaze, ALL of our customers are treated like ‘VIPs’, because your business is our business. No matter what time of day, you’ll be able to call our expert technical team right here in Australia and get responsive support 7 days per week. Guaranteed.

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Wentworth Williams gained 20% annual productivity thanks to Amaze

Award-winning NSW accountancy and financial advisory firm Wentworth Williams used to face almost daily IT issues. With problems ranging from file access to client software clashes to outages on their single server - they were looking for a better way.

By switching to Amaze Virtual Workspaces, they gained a Single Operating Environment (SOE) for ease of use, as well as:

  • Their staff can securely login from anywhere, anytime and use their ‘virtual desktop’ - home, weekends, travel and more
  • They can run multiple versions of client software without issue (all thanks to a professional server environment)
  • Saved hundreds of team hours in dealing with IT issues and outages - staff could focus on their work rather than their computers
  • Gained a secure environment with redundant backups for all of their critical client data - security and storage concerns became a thing of the past
  • Made their entire team ‘mobile’ - which has boosted their productivity by 20%, year-on-year since 2005

Why choose Amaze?

20 years in business - we’re a strong, profitable, well-run business you can rely on

Local Australian technical support available 24/7

100% data retention rate (we’ve NEVER lost customer data)

Technically competent and highly qualified staff

Specialists in virtual workspaces and cloud computing (we’ll make sure your business is ready for the future)

100% Australian-owned and operated

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