EFM Midband Ethernet is the high-performance connectivity solution for bigger businesses

We can turn telephone lines into high-speed internet for you, at less than the cost of fibre

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Midband Ethernet is great solution for medium sized companies

Amaze EFM (Business Ethernet) or ‘Ethernet in the First Mile’ is a robust technology solution that uses carrier-grade routers to combine multiple copper phone lines into one high-speed data service.

Depending on the distance you are from the local exchange, EFM can give you up to a blisteringly fast 80Mbps. The advantage of EFM is that you get a service that’s highly reliable and cost effective, yet uses traditional telecoms infrastructure.

Amaze EFM Business Ethernet has so many great features

Symmetric data connection for fast downloads AND uploads
Plans starting from 10/10Mbps, through to 80/80Mbps
Static IP addresses provided for all services
99.95% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Free uploads (great for Dropbox / Microsoft OneDrive / Google Drive)
Traffic reporting statistics for easy service monitoring
24/7 monitoring
Extra services available (for an additional fee)

EFM with unlimited internet, starting from
just $299 per month

You can choose from our two base plans or our team of Amazers
can customise you a faster solution for FREE. Here’s our two basic plans
(that include all of the standard features listed above):

10/10Mbps EFM service(4 wire) 20/20Mbps EFM service
Includes EFM router EFM router
Monthly (Excl GST) $299.00 $470.00
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Faster plans available on request
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