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Amaze Fibre Ethernet is the ultimate in scalable, high-speed connectivity

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There’s nothing faster than Fibre Internet

If you’ve got a large or fast growing business, Amaze Fibre Ethernet is the scalable internet option you’ve been looking for. Getting your internet delivered over a dedicated optic fibre service is the best connectivity solution available in Australia today.

Fully scalable to grow with your business

Fibre Ethernet can be configured in many different speeds – starting at just 10Mbps, we can ramp up your connection in increments to 10Gbps (10,000Mbps).

So if you only need a 20Mbps service initially, but find a few months later that you’re needing 50Mbps, we can adjust it to suit. It’s the solution that’s perfectly designed to handle anything from a small team right through to a 1,500 employee, multi-floor office.

Amaze Fibre Ethernet has many great features

We know that not everyone in your business is a ‘techie’.

Static IP addresses for every Fibre Ethernet service
99.95% uptime guarantee with SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Free uploads
Traffic reporting statistics
24/7 monitoring
Additional services available for additional cost:
QoS support

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