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Control your compute, control your costs

All too often these days, the cost of dynamic cloud computing can get out of hand really quickly. Even when the small incremental costs don’t seem like much, several projects can cause a huge cost blowout over the course of a month.

With Amaze Elastic Compute, we give you the flexibility of choosing pre-purchased blocks of compute resources for a fixed monthly fee or a fantastic ‘by the hour’ rate on CPU, RAM and Disk. Whichever option you choose, you’ll still be able to scale to whatever size you wish, all at a moment’s notice.

Powerful resources you can rely on

Nothing is more important to us than reliability and security. Your business needs both from us, so we’ll make sure you’ve got the best.

Here’s just some of the features we offer:

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Fortinet Firewalls

Our high availability Fortigate firewalls give you the peace of mind of carrier grade security and can be provisioned and managed by you or by us. You can also use them to provide trusted access via IPSec/SSL VPN to your Amaze compute infrastructure.

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Tenant Isolation

If you need to isolate a network from others you work with, we can provision a ‘Virtual DC’ per account. This works to separate it out while also giving you control of L2/L3 firewalls from within the control panel.

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Data Integrity

Powered by Dell EMC, the worlds best enterprise grade storage arrays, your data is constantly snapshotted and replicated to another availability site for ultimate data integrity.

Easily configure and manage everything from one simple interface

We’ve made sure that your cloud experience with us isn’t like getting a degree in rocket science. Our Amaze Elastic Compute service gives you an intuitive interface with open source KVM hypervisors, storage and carrier-grade 10GBE networking.

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Simple Web-Based Interface

Create VM’s in seconds, apply recipes to automate provisioning, enable worldwide CDN, provision free AnyCast DNS services and you’re ready to launch that application.

Elastic Cloud Compute

Developer Flexibility

Deploy servers using OnApp API’s, deploy and configure your applications automatically with Chef, Puppet, Ansible, or salt stack.

Elastic Cloud Compute


Tick a few boxes and your cloud server will automatically scale your CPU/RAM/Disk vertically. Utilise our inbuilt load balancer, or haproxy to scale your application horizontally.

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