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Need a Secure Online Shopping Environment for Your eCommerce Store?

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Whenever anyone shops online, they need to surrender sensitive information such as credit card information or other electronic payment details. It’s imperative that this information is handled with complete security. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is the world’s most widely used online security protocol, ensuring smooth and secure digital transactions for eCommerce websites.

If it’s not locked, don’t buy it

You can tell when an eCommerce webpage is protected by SSL as the URL will contain the letters HTTPS – or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure – before it in the address bar. Sometimes there may also be a little padlock symbol. This means that the details you’re being asked for, such as credit card info, bank IDs, and so on, will be protected during transmission. This means that anyone who may try to view your online activities will not be able to see those details. If you don’t see HTTPS and/or the padlock symbol, it’s not safe to give your sensitive information.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a unique key that is assigned to every application and allows you to establish a secure connection using a SSL protocol. By using an SSL certificate, you can confirm the legitimacy of your website server, encrypt the transmitted data, protect data integrity during transmission, and decrypt the data once it is on a secure server.

Having SSL can benefit your business

It’s all about confidence. Having SSL for eCommerce is a clear signal to your customers that your online security is solid. That way, they are more likely to relax in their purchasing decision on your website. They understand that you are taking their privacy and security seriously. It will also pay off in boosting trust in your brand as a whole.

There’s more to SSL than shopping

For many online businesses, secure shopping is just the tip of the iceberg. We often have to share all kinds of sensitive information with individual customers. By having a SSL for your website, you can maintain private conversations that are completely indecipherable to hackers.

Server and website authentication

By using SSL for eCommerce you can protect not only your customer data but also secure your own website against different kinds of online threats. When you purchase a SSL digital certificate for your website from trusted third parties, you can allow access to your customers and visitors to read them. In a way, this method of SSL acts as a certificate of authentication to prove the validity of your website server. This prevents fraudsters from making false claims using your server and helps in reducing the possibilities of such online thefts.

Making your website secure is simple

Give us a call and we’ll show you how to secure your website, so your customers can confidently share information and financial details with you.