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Keep Your Magento Security in Check with These Proven Tips

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With the largest ecommerce market share in the world, Magento is not just an ecommerce platform, it is a force empowering millions of online stores.

Owing to its worldwide popularity and robust functionalities, Magento is the platform that first comes to mind when anyone plans to start an ecommerce business.

The same popularity that makes Magento a preferred choice amongst online merchants, also makes the platform a tempting target for cyber attackers and hackers alike.

Hacking, data misuse, phishing attacks and credit card frauds are some security breaches that can disrupt your ecommerce operations while costing your business in terms of credibility, customer satisfaction and reputation.

While Magento keeps introducing security patches on a regular basis, there are some security practices ecommerce owners should follow to enhance protection around their Magento webstores.


Upgrade to the latest version

With security breaches being a constant threat to ecommerce business owners, Magento frequently rolls out software updates which may include bug patches and security fixes to tackle vulnerabilities of the preceding versions. Besides, new versions include additional functionalities and modified features, which ensures an enhanced level of ecommerce performance.

To make version upgrades as informed and smooth as possible, Magento provides detailed patch notes with each release, which reflect where the enhancements and fixes are made in the previous version. These notes also help in identifying vulnerable areas in outdated Magento stores while explaining why you might need an upgrade.

Backup your data

Regardless of varied preventive measures you take for your Magento security, cyber attackers are looking for a single loophole in your webstore that can provide them access to your database. Also, when you run an online store, things may go wrong sometimes, corrupting or deleting important website data.

A robust backup plan will ensure your customers are able to avail your services in case your website crashes for any reason or gets hit by a cyber-attack.

Hosting solutions offered at Amaze include a backup and disaster recovery plan which makes sure your website data is backed up on a daily basis. In case of hacking or accidental errors, we can quickly restore your data and get your website up and running with minimum downtime.

Strengthen your Magento password

Today’s hackers are smarter than ever. The advanced password cracking tools make it even easier for cyber attackers to decrypt passwords and gain unauthorised access to websites and their sensitive data.

A strong intricate password and admin name can increase the security of your Magento website to a great extent. It is advisable to use a complex combination of upper and lower-case letters, special characters and numerals when setting a password.

Here are some other considerations to keep in mind while setting your Magento password:

  • Create a unique password that doesn’t match with the passwords of your other logins.
  • Avoid using common dictionary words and other personal information like your contact number, birth date and first or last name, in your passwords.
  • Do not save your password on your computer or any other device through which you log in to your website.
  • Change your password regularly so that even if you shared your password with anyone or maybe forgot to log out of your website on any device, you don’t have to stress about your password being cracked easily.

Invest in a hosting plan

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When it comes to web hosting, shared hosting is a preferred choice amongst small ecommerce start-ups. Since you share all your resources like CPU, memory space and data with other users on the server, the hosting plan comes pretty cheap. However, running your site on a shared server can mean to compromise your Magento security. If any one site on the server is compromised, hackers may get access to all other websites on the server putting your store’s security at risk.

Considering the compromised security with shared hosting, many opt for dedicated hosting. With a dedicated server, all your resources belong to you, and you have full control over your account. However, a dedicated server may come with a significant cost and require you to have some prior technical knowledge.

So what type of hosting plan should you choose for your Magento store?

Amaze offers specialised Magento hosting solutions that ensure maximum security and uptime for your Magento website. Our certified professionals have extensive knowledge of Magento. We harness the most advanced tools to manage your Magento-based ecommerce site and fine-tune your webstore for blazing fast speed and smooth performance.

Having worked on the latest versions of the platform, our team can even provide reliable assistance and support across Magento 2 hosting. In addition to Magento hosting, we can provide wordpress hosting solutions especially optimised for WordPress. Our hosting architectures support automatic WordPress upgrades and allow you to increase your resources to effectively handle unexpected traffic surges and meet your business’s scaling needs.


To sum up

Security of a Magento store is paramount to its success. It is one of the crucial factors for building and retaining trust with customers and encouraging them to repeat purchases.

These were some proven tips that will help you improve your Magento store’s security while maximising uptime and maintaining a good reputation with your customers.

Leave it to our industry experts  

Consult with our certified Magento experts to discover many other effective ways to create a safe and secure Magento store. Not only is our team well-versed with the Magento platform and its extensive range of features ad functionalities, but the professionals are also keen in learning which helps them stay updated with the latest in technology and come up with Magento hosting solutions that make a difference.

From content management to general maintenance, security integrations and technical support, we can guide you through varied aspects of Magento operation.

So, let our dedicated team take control of your Magento hosting and ensure you have everything to run your ecommerce store in optimal condition and yield profits for your business.