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Don’t Stockpile the Toilet Paper Just Yet

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But make sure your business has a contingency plan in place

Initially, my wife thought I was crazy and so too did many of my friends. These days a little bit less. My friends still check in on me though, to make sure I have enough toilet paper. The reason being I have had a curiosity with CORVID-19 virus and have been tracking it with the help of the World Health Organisation (WHO) website Situation Reports since the 21st January to the current day.

For the record, this is just my opinion. The opinion of a keyboard evangelist who should not be handing out health advice . . .

For the vast majority, this coronavirus will come and go, like any other flu season, a few sniffles here and there, with a fever or two and a chesty cough for good measure. Good news for the young and healthy.

It’s the older generation, my parents’ generation where there is a real concern. If you are 70 plus, have any existing health issues and are male, congratulations, you win the trifecta! Now might be a great time to cash out and take an extended break in isolation.  It’s for these people we need to show our care.

SIDE NOTE: to the large, sweaty guy coughing and spluttering on the bus yesterday morning, try to think of the impact your actions have on others. Who on that bus was elderly? How many are dealing with a pre-existing health condition? Who could they spread the virus too outside of the bus? Your actions reach far beyond the space your frame occupies.

The Federal Government showed its intention early, by going on the “front-foot” and activating the initial phase to the Coronavirus Emergency Response Plan. Even with this in place, we are seeing small outbreaks within communities, within businesses and our front-line health workers. The government has been planting seeds of preparation for us (don’t panic of course) ever since the Report of the WHO-China joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Even though China may have received a mixed report card for its initial handling of the outbreak, the World Health Organisation has lauded them for their aggressive measures to halt the spread of the illness and has laid the platform for how the developed world will best handle and isolate the virus.

 China’s uncompromising and rigorous use of non-pharmaceutical measures to contain transmission of the COVID-19 virus in multiple settings provides vital lessons for the global response. This rather unique and unprecedented public health response in China reversed the escalating cases in both Hubei, where there has been widespread community transmission, and in the importation provinces, where family clusters appear to have driven the outbreak.

For the first time, new cases per day in China are in the low triple figures and about to slip into double digits, recoveries out-weigh the daily death toll, lockdowns are starting to be lifted and schools are opening again, as the manufacturing machine starts to rumble. Whilst great news for China, it is now up to the rest of the world to catch up. China squeezed the oxygen out of the fire, they starved the virus of its fuel, the humans and thankfully China’s efforts stemmed the flow to allow the rest of the world time to prepare.

We are in the initial activation phase of the response plan, with escalation highly likely:

The Australian Government’s response plan has been enacted for one reason and one reason only, to remove the fuel and starve the fire.  At this point in time, the recommendation as per the Australian Governments Department of Health is you need to isolate yourself if you are at risk of getting the virus:

  • If you have been in close contact with a proven case of coronavirus, you must isolate yourself for 14 days from the date of the last contact with the confirmed case.

As predicted, if the spread widens and continues to escalate, this recommendation will lead to enforcement. We are already starting to see this, with the quarantining of individuals and small groups, this may soon escalate to the cancellation of major sporting events and places of large gatherings, like shopping centres, schools and business. If at this stage they are still unable to stem the flow, they would look at even stricter measures, such as the closure of transport systems and district lockdowns. We are living in unprecedented times.

Symptoms for the vast majority are going to be mild, but it is the disruption and cost to the business that will be great. If one of your staff, or a customer, or a partner walks onto the floor of your office or building and has COVID-19 virus you are all at risk. And by the way, symptoms may not show up for two or three weeks, so they could be traipsing this thing through your corridors making sure it has maximum impact and exposure.

Enough of the drama already! But if you can look at that scenario and hand on heart say you have no fear, then you are not only a better person than me, you clearly are the master of your domain.

If on the other hand, you full into the category like most Australian SME’s, then Amaze Communications can help. We store and protect your data, whilst giving you and your team access to it on any device, anywhere, anytime.   We will keep the virtual doors to your business open, to minimise impact and give you peace of mind:

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We are genuinely here to help and support businesses throughout this time, by keeping their virtual doors open and enabling them, a mobile workforce.

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