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A Practical Guide to Being Vigilant

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Cyber Security These Holidays

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Be vigilant, be diligent and be proactive this holiday period.

Don’t drop your guard for a second. The festive season is known to cause blind spots in business IT Security. Human error a root cause. It might be as simple as the excitement of the pending break, the demand to get all your work done, or it could just be the day after the work Christmas party, either way, it can impair the decision-making process.

More work functions, client catch ups and drinks with colleagues, the easier it for things to start breaking down. A more active work/social calendar than the winter months provide. One day you are at work, things are going smoothly and then it happens. In a moment without thought, your decision-making process is a degree away from where it needs to be.

The microphone drops, the needle scratches and your business falls silent.

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