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Our Aussie Spirit

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In response to the Coronavirus

Australians are a resilient bunch. As a nation we’ve endured many threats, from cyclones, to fires, to floods. Rather than break us, adversity typically unites us. We rally to support those most affected.

Today we face another threat, the COVID-19 Virus. One that is greatly impacting the way we do business, placing further strain on an already interrupted economy.

Today’s threat draws a number of parallels between the landscape of cyber-attacks we manage, and the escalating physical threat witnessed across the globe.

Some of the largest global tech companies, such as Microsoft, Google and Cisco, are extending technology tools and support, to assist in stemming the flow of COVID-19

5 Tech Companies Provide Free Remote Working Tools

Amaze Communications have been developing virtual workstations for Australian businesses throughout the past 20 years, and are here to further extend your armoury in your COVID-19 business continuity plan.

This is achieved by creating a flexible, familiar workplace for remote workers, through a scalable, secure cloud environment. With automated, layered redundancy hourly, we safely keep the virtual doors open to your business.

Amaze Communications is 100% Australian grown and owned. We support companies in streamlining workflows with technology, providing ease of communication and collaboration, through reliable management and infrastructure, leaving you free to focus on profitability.

We are offering a significantly reduced rate off our bundled Amaze Virtual Workstations (anywhere from five to hundreds of users) to support evolving business operations.

  • 33% off RRP for the first 3 months

With an Amaze Virtual Workspace businesses can reduce their annual IT costs by 30%-50%  


Modify your technical business operations overnight through the following methods:

Low Cost of Entry at Minimal Change A turn-key, per user cost-based solution.

IT Agility & Business Readiness Evolving with speed, moving through workplace changes with ease

Enhanced Data Security Advanced user access controls, policies, with visibility & multifactor authentication, to protect your IP against continuous global cyber threats

Rapid Deployment and Minimal Downtime Remote activation within 24hrs through seamless workstation relocation, with instant expansion for additional users (1hr)

Familiar & Scalable Application Delivery Operate and collaborate inside, or outside the office, on any device, anytime.

Task Automation & Ease of Management Simplified administration through automated virtual infrastructure, from new users, to apps & all common tasks

 24/7 Australian Based Support Desk For all your heavy lifting

The Amaze platform delivers bundled services with uninterrupted business continuity, ensuring protection of your greatest resources: your data, your people, time and money.

If you would like to find out how we can support you, please reach out to our team:


Shaun Scully
Relationship Manager

Amaze Communications
PH: 1300 137 136
E: [email protected]





Don’t Stockpile the Toilet Paper Just Yet

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But make sure your business has a contingency plan in place

Initially, my wife thought I was crazy and so too did many of my friends. These days a little bit less. My friends still check in on me though, to make sure I have enough toilet paper. The reason being I have had a curiosity with CORVID-19 virus and have been tracking it with the help of the World Health Organisation (WHO) website Situation Reports since the 21st January to the current day.

For the record, this is just my opinion. The opinion of a keyboard evangelist who should not be handing out health advice . . .

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Need a Secure Online Shopping Environment for Your eCommerce Store?

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Whenever anyone shops online, they need to surrender sensitive information such as credit card information or other electronic payment details. It’s imperative that this information is handled with complete security. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is the world’s most widely used online security protocol, ensuring smooth and secure digital transactions for eCommerce websites.

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The 3 Best Cloud Solutions for Your Business

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Why burden yourself with static servers when there are cloud solutions that give you the freedom to manage your websites from anywhere in the world? Cloud solutions provide an easy and affordable way for companies to integrate cutting-edge software programs into their websites. They’re accessible from anywhere, any device, via the internet – much like online shopping, email, and even social media.

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Why Your Blog Should Have VPS Hosting

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While a shared hosting plan may initially feel like the right idea for a new blog, you may quickly discover its limitations should your visitor traffic ever start climbing. And that’s when VPS blog hosting can really show its colours. Even with the smallest VPS package, you can have access to additional resources for managing and hosting your CMS, which will give your blog site the kick it needs.

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The Advantages of Cloud VPS Hosting

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Cloud hosting is a growing trend that has created a lot of hype amongst webmasters and enterprises. As an enterprise solution, it has built-in capabilities and advanced features that offer effective remedies to many web hosting issues. For these reasons and more, cloud VPS hosting has become the preferred form of hosting for medium to large enterprises.

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15 Ways Anyone Can Improve Their Website’s Speed

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Is your business website running slow? A lot of visitors tend to abandon a page that takes 3 or more seconds to load, and that means that a slow website will cost you money in both lost sales and server fees.

What’s more, having a speedy website has a multitude of benefits beyond visitor retention: Google will rank you higher, your users will be happier, bounce rates will decrease, conversion rates will increase, and you’ll make more sales!

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Top 6 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

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Companies that have embraced cloud computing have gone on to experience several positive outcomes. Other than being able to freely use available apps to customise their systems and processes, they’re reaping the rewards of unlimited storage options, easy access to information, better backup and recovery procedures, and having everything totally scalable.

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Top 5 Trends in Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is revolutionising many business computing processes, opening up new possibilities for both small and medium enterprises. Everything from data storage to customer services, software delivery, and mail storage facilities can be optimised using this exciting new technology to boost operational efficiencies. At the moment there are several trends emerging, along with a host of confusing new acronyms to remember. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

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8 Tips For Speeding Up Your WordPress Website

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As psychologist Ofer Zur Ph.D says,

“today’s society is a hurried society. People feel rushed, overscheduled, stressed and unable to keep up. We fill our lives with computers, smartphones, wireless laptops, palm pilots and other time-saving gadgets only to find ourselves deprived of more time. We read books and take seminars on time management, we hire consultants to help us manage our business and personal life more efficiently, yet still find ourselves frantic, impatient, short-tempered and frustrated. We cram our children’s lives full of music lessons, soccer practices, and tutoring and end up raising a new generation of hurried children.”

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