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The First Wave

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Anticipate Crisis and Change

With the World Health Organisation officially releasing COVID 19 as a pandemic, and the social response at a tipping point, the importance of WHO’s statement shouldn’t be missed. There’s been so much focus in the headlines on one word – pandemic – but these words matter so much more.

WHO declares virus a pandemic | LinkedIn

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, but its leader says countries can still turn the tide on the virus.

  • Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Public health
  • Leadership
  • People

A word we believe to be of equal importance is – Anticipation.

We need to learn from the countries that have already experienced an outbreak and are able to contain it. We are seeing the exponential growth across many parts of the globe, including Australia. How we manage this today, effects how we live tomorrow.

The click-bait headlines can create chaos and distraction, an addiction to the next heading that feeds further fear and uncertainly. It is important for each of us to individually focus on our own health, the health of our loved ones, the health of our staff and the health of our business.

Our heart-filled thoughts of hope are with those whom have loved ones suffering offshore. This multicultural country of ours no doubt has many ties to people overseas, who are in the varying stages of lockdown or dealing with the illness. No doubt many technology tools are being leveraged to communicate and connect on a consumer level.

We are all observing the impact COVID 19 is having on supply chains. Australian business operations have been disrupted and will continue to be so, for some time, some with a greater impact than others. If your business can transition and function through virtual technology, then you are a part of the lucky ones. Just as Australia has always been touted the Lucky Country, in many ways we can continue to be so. We can learn from countries that have been able to flatten the curve, by proactively containing the spread of infection through personal healthcare and accountable social distancing. This has proven to dramatically reduce the potential of infection, both individually and on a grand scale. Even though we have the capacity to learn, it is our capacity to implement that also needs to be actioned.

Forcing change upon us by exposing the cold facts, we are in vulnerable times, pushed by external forces too momentous to be denied. It can be frightening to predict what tomorrow holds.  Anticipation through preparation and prevention with social distancing, rather than succumbing to fear and panic, is a more practical way. Although it may seem the world is deteriorating, we need not collapse with it. Understanding the transformative power of this time, by accepting and actioning upon it, can be an essential part of dynamic change.

The process of cutting back and paring down to the bare essentials is necessary, to remain in sync with the changing climate of these times.  Organisations that enforce working from home are in support of Anticipation – of being prepared in a practical way and enacting prevention, whilst minimising the spread of both infection and panic.

Aligning prevention, preparedness and people through your leadership in a COVID 19 business continuity plan, with the best suited technology and tools for your type of business operations, will support continuity through working from home. By empowering your office workers to operate as a remote workforce, your business can evolve quickly to remain a step ahead.

We understand this may seem a rather daunting task for business owners with multi-layered operations. Managing various business units to have sound communication and collaboration when in the office, can be challenging at the best of times. After all, we are all human with a wide variety of differing viewpoints. Adding a technical layer of consideration to this already complex pool of resources can seem insurmountable. We at Amaze Communications wish to alleviate the stress and take some of the pressure off, by rapidly changing the way your business needs to function throughout this trying time. We wish to offer a free half hour consultation to help define your business needs for this operational change.

We have a choice to make: we can awaken our resourcefulness, turn our attention to what is most important and focus on how to resolve this complexity to the best of our abilities, together with our shared knowledge, or the alternative, focus on the negative and be consumed by what is being taken away from us.

Yes, our freedom and way of life in this beautiful country of ours is now placed on hold. It can bring out the best in people by forcing them to recognize and appreciate what they have and how resourceful they can be, by making do with less.

So please, look after your health, look after your loved ones, look after your employees and Anticipate. Anticipate what is coming and be prepared.

Please reach out if you need assistance in these unprecedented times. We look forward to connecting.


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Our Aussie Spirit

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In response to the Coronavirus

Australians are a resilient bunch. As a nation we’ve endured many threats, from cyclones, to fires, to floods. Rather than break us, adversity typically unites us. We rally to support those most affected.

Today we face another threat, the COVID-19 Virus. One that is greatly impacting the way we do business, placing further strain on an already interrupted economy.

Today’s threat draws a number of parallels between the landscape of cyber-attacks we manage, and the escalating physical threat witnessed across the globe.

Some of the largest global tech companies, such as Microsoft, Google and Cisco, are extending technology tools and support, to assist in stemming the flow of COVID-19

5 Tech Companies Provide Free Remote Working Tools

Amaze Communications have been developing virtual workstations for Australian businesses throughout the past 20 years, and are here to further extend your armoury in your COVID-19 business continuity plan.

This is achieved by creating a flexible, familiar workplace for remote workers, through a scalable, secure cloud environment. With automated, layered redundancy hourly, we safely keep the virtual doors open to your business.

Amaze Communications is 100% Australian grown and owned. We support companies in streamlining workflows with technology, providing ease of communication and collaboration, through reliable management and infrastructure, leaving you free to focus on profitability.

We are offering a significantly reduced rate off our bundled Amaze Virtual Workstations (anywhere from five to hundreds of users) to support evolving business operations.

  • 33% off RRP for the first 3 months

With an Amaze Virtual Workspace businesses can reduce their annual IT costs by 30%-50%  


Modify your technical business operations overnight through the following methods:

Low Cost of Entry at Minimal Change A turn-key, per user cost-based solution.

IT Agility & Business Readiness Evolving with speed, moving through workplace changes with ease

Enhanced Data Security Advanced user access controls, policies, with visibility & multifactor authentication, to protect your IP against continuous global cyber threats

Rapid Deployment and Minimal Downtime Remote activation within 24hrs through seamless workstation relocation, with instant expansion for additional users (1hr)

Familiar & Scalable Application Delivery Operate and collaborate inside, or outside the office, on any device, anytime.

Task Automation & Ease of Management Simplified administration through automated virtual infrastructure, from new users, to apps & all common tasks

 24/7 Australian Based Support Desk For all your heavy lifting

The Amaze platform delivers bundled services with uninterrupted business continuity, ensuring protection of your greatest resources: your data, your people, time and money.

If you would like to find out how we can support you, please reach out to our team:


Shaun Scully
Relationship Manager

Amaze Communications
PH: 1300 137 136
E: [email protected]





Don’t Stockpile the Toilet Paper Just Yet

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But make sure your business has a contingency plan in place

Initially, my wife thought I was crazy and so too did many of my friends. These days a little bit less. My friends still check in on me though, to make sure I have enough toilet paper. The reason being I have had a curiosity with CORVID-19 virus and have been tracking it with the help of the World Health Organisation (WHO) website Situation Reports since the 21st January to the current day.

For the record, this is just my opinion. The opinion of a keyboard evangelist who should not be handing out health advice . . .

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