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The Beginner’s Guide: Signs You Need to Switch to the Cloud Right Away

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“The cloud”

Sounds like a trendy tech term? Doesn’t it?

A lot of entrepreneurs who have just started out with their small establishments probably have heard of this term before landing on this page but are still a little confused what exactly it means.

Simply put, the cloud is a virtual place, partitioned in a secure area on a physical server in a commercial data centre where you can store your data or host an application. Instead of a business owning and operating large power hungry servers and the cost of IT personnel to support them, cloud infrastructure allows you to run business applications and programs on the internet securely.

Integrating the cloud into your business means you can store, access and manage your data from anywhere, at any time and in general through any internet connected device.

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How to Find the Best Managed WordPress Hosting

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The search requires care. Here’s some tips to finding a best-fit provider.

There are things in life that are simple and seem to happen automatically. Businesses do not manage themselves however, and neither do websites. Both are specialist undertakings. Choosing a best-fit hosting provider can be complicated, so here are 9 keys to finding the best managed WordPress hosting provider your money can buy.   

WordPress content-management-systems (CMSs) have put website creation within reach of the novice. The need for reliable infrastructure, systems and support people remains. To find the best solution to your managed WordPress hosting needs, wrestle with these 9 keys:

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Top 5 Trends in Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is revolutionising many business computing processes, opening up new possibilities for both small and medium enterprises. Everything from data storage to customer services, software delivery, and mail storage facilities can be optimised using this exciting new technology to boost operational efficiencies. At the moment there are several trends emerging, along with a host of confusing new acronyms to remember. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

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