Cloud Backup

Powerful, affordable and easy-to-use backup & recovery for physical and virtual workloads

  • Virtual cloud workloads
  • Public & private clouds – including Amaze, AWS and Azure
  • VMware vSphere
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Physical bare-metal servers
Safeguard your business workloads

Make sure your critical business workloads and data is safeguarded – secure, protected and accessible when you needed

Backup and Disaster Recovery for the Cloud

Whether you’re just starting out or well on your way to the cloud, it’s likely that you may face cloud-first mandates for Digital Transformation initiatives. From moving production workloads to the cloud to leveraging an off-site cloud target for long-term retention or disaster preparedness — backup and recovery should be at the forefront of your cloud adoption strategy.

Safeguard your business workloads

Amaze Cloud Backup – Tiered Pricing

Usage / Storage Tier Monthly price per TB ex. GST
Up to 10 TB $52.00
10-25 TB $45.00
25-50 TB $33.00
50+ TB ASK
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Cloud capabilities for powerful, affordable protection

Protect and manage backup data to the cloud, from the cloud and within the cloud



Amaze Backup
Backup your entire Amaze Cloud data seamlessly on our native backup cloud to eliminate risk of data loss.
Compliant archive
Tackle compliance with automation that intelligently moves your backup data from capacity to archive storage based on age
Ransomware stays out
Overcome ransomware and security threats with an assured clean recovery from encrypted, air-gapped and immutable backups.
AWS backup
Unify your data protection strategy with AWS-native backup and disaster recovery that’s fully automated, cost-effective and secure.
Azure backup
Centrally manage and protect all your Azure data with native, enterprise-ready backup and recovery to overcome cloud data loss and overspend.
Google Cloud backup
Google-native backup and recovery powered by policy-based automation to eliminate the risk of any data loss
BaaS for the data center
Avoid the complexity of off-site backup with integrated, expert-built offerings from our Backup as a Service (BaaS) partners
DRaaS for resiliency
Reach the impossible with replication and failover into the cloud via one of our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) partners.
Object storage
Boldly embrace long-term retention across three intelligent tiers tuned for performance, cloud-based capacity and archive.
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